Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make Em Say....Jerve'

Unique. Bold. Innovative. Chic.

These are just some of the expressions to describe exactly what the Say Jerve' Boutique is about. With a mix of new wave designs, affordable vintage and just good ole fashioned creativity, to say that this hot new jewelry site is only inspired by a single entity is shortchanging it by a long shot. Take a peek at what Say Jerve' owner Charise Harper has to say about her brand new & rapidly successful online sensation.

Complex Simplicity: We simply adore the name of your boutique! What was the inspiration behind it?
Charise Harper: Aww thank you, the name Say Jerve’ is actually a play on my middle name Jerve’ (Jer-Vay) which I’ve always loved and the fact that most people mispronounce it. So when it came time to pick a name I knew I wanted to use it just didn’t know exactly how. I went through so many names from Ivory Trunk to Pink Tusk to Secret Closet (all horrible I know). I ran it by a few people, my mom and two close friends… Finally it was my friend Tomeka Solomon who told me whatever I chose needed to be personal not just cute since this was something I was giving life to not just a thing. So after calling her like 10 times it one day with about 8 names that she politely told me sucked…I called one last time, told her “Say Jerve’ Boutique” and gave her the explanation behind it… she said “That’s It”…… I was skeptical at first, but after I wrote it down and repeated it a few times... I fell in love and knew it was a keeper.
CS: Yes, when you get a name down, it just has to have that ring to it! We know starting a brand new business is a daunting & at times difficult task, how did you go about tailoring your site & product to how you envisioned it?
CH: Daunting indeed, essentially Say Jerve’ had been an idea for about 2 years before I actually took action on it so I had an idea of what items I want to sell but getting out there was the difficult part. I started looking for rental spaces locally then remembered that I was STILL active duty (how could I forget right?) and wouldn’t be able to manage an actual store front without a second person to be there from 9-5 so it was pointless to go that route. So I decided to go online, host trunk shows and host my Say Jerve’…. Boutique and Bar Nights. It worked! As far as the website, I went with storenvy.com because of the exposure. I was able to reach so many more people that way than just “sayjerveboutique.com”  The majority of my customers are people just browsing storenvy and other storenvy store owners. I love it there! 

CS: There are many great pieces that you offer at the store. (a few I want for myself!) How did you get into the art of creating your own jewelry? Does it take long to create your pieces?
CH: I began making my own when I noticed everything in the stores looked the same and everyone I saw out and about wore pretty much the same styles… I’ve always been a little different. As far as the items I design myself, they do take quite a bit of time only because I know that someone else will be wearing it and I’m a BIG stickler for quality, not only in the things that I make but the things I buy as well. I’ll spend an hour on a pair of earrings just to take them apart and start over. My clutches are the perfect example, the last one I made I spent 4 HOURS on it, from the sewing by hand to measuring to ensure the clasp was perfectly centered. I still haven’t built up the nerve to sell them yet. I just want them to be PERFECT.

CS: Yes, from your pieces, we can tell that you are very creative and produce only high quality! What is your inspiration when you concoct or select some of your items for your store?
CH: Quality and Uniqueness! We all know costume jewelry isn’t designed to last a life time but that doesn’t mean it should last just a few wears either. Quality is always #1. Uniqueness, again, who doesn’t want to stand out. I get fussed at a lot for making just onesies and twosies… but to me that’s the beauty of having something handmade. No two are exactly alike and you know for a fact there’s only one other person out there with a similar piece. LOL! Women love to feel exclusive.

CS: You are very right about that, especially when it comes to accessories! Being that you are "brand new", what other ventures will you be involved in for the future?
CH: Right now my focus is on growing Say Jerve’ into an actual brand. I’m working on incorporating so many more items into the boutique. Also teaming up with Tomeka Solomon owner of Passe' Nouveau Vintage (Don't worry, post coming soon so you can be in the know!) to host a few trunk shows in different cities. Her vintage collection is BANANAS and mixed with my handmade piece I know we’ll have some rocking shows. Short term is to keep my customers happy, they are so supportive which means the world to me. I GREATLY appreciate them all.  

Thank you Charise & Say Jerve' Boutique!!

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  1. Ooh!! I just browsed thru the site and I WILL be making a purchase!! Great interview also!

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