Monday, August 22, 2011

Liv's B-Day Wishlist!!!!

*throws glitterconfetti in the air*
Oh mai GAWSH! I can't believe this is my 2nd b-day with you guys! What more could a gal ask for??? *grins big* Well let me enlighten you again so we can celebrate my 20...*mumbles*  birthday extravaganza list!!!


F*ck it, Got My Orders
Yes, you are seeing correctly: Orders off this expensive island. Its a shame when the beautiful Oahu is reduced down to feeling like Chilligan's island. Its just NOT meant for military to live in a vacay spot IMO. That coupled with being so far from fam & friends makes me not be able to enjoy Hawai'i the way I should. But orders right to Georgia would be great to start building my home and getting settled for my retirement!

Personal stylist is a MUST! I have no fashion sense, so I need a professional to help make it happen. UGH, they cost an arm and a leg though! The stylists on this show were so nice with it. I'd let anyone of em dress me!

I'm not even a big tech savvy person, but I love the sheek & slim design of the iPhone 5. According to the Apple website, this processor is crazy fast! It would take me a while to learn the apps and thangs, but sooo worth it!

I may need a stylist, but ANYTHING HERVE LEGER!! Need I say more?!!?

A simple yet earnest's been over 2 years since my lips have grazed the cup of a Sonic beverage. That flavor, the wonderful cherry and that Sonic ice would make life sweeter...especially at between 2-4 for Happy Hour!

And to make the day complete, satisfying my weakness for baked goods! I love cute cupcakes! Eating a few of them just feels better than cutting a big ole piece of cake!

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  1. 1st of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 2nd of all I admire your confetti.. smh! lol 3rd, I'm so mad at your reference to Chilligan's Island.. lmbo! 4th, nice list!! Love those cupcakes!!