Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its all fun in food and fitness.

What's on your plate? answer was junk, a lot of junk. But its okay as long as I work it off right? wrong. In my weight loss experience, I've had to count calories, cut sugar and skip the fries. I recently lost 70 pounds and boy was it tough! But after a while it begin easier and easier to Just SAY NO! I've learned that being healthy doesn't have to be a boring and aweful experience! My recipes have become healthier but I still eat good! My workouts are fun and full of sweat! (turbofire babyyyy!!) Today I made Chicken and Spinach Penne Pasta with a side salad tossed in italian (go figure) dressing...(pasta was whole grain and chicken was boneless skinless)...So while eating healthy used to be like a dreaded trip to the dentist....I now take pleasure in preparing healthier meals! Bon Appetito!


  1. Post pics, I wanna see your meal! And possibly the recipe too please! Lord knows I need to eat healthier! Help CS cut the fat!