Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passion for Poetry // Lady Love: If I...

This poem is from a very talented young lady I know in the San Antonio area that goes by the name of Lady Love.  This particular poem caught my eye just from its title, If I...   It's inevitable that in relationships, whether it be a new or old relationship, this term will be used.  We've all said it.. and heard it.  The thing that amazes me, is that we never know what the results will be after the "If I..."  We expect the best, but prepare for the worst most times... So what's one to do, other than ask If I...?  Huh.. just some randomness before I let you get into the poem!  Great job, Lady Love, keep the poems coming! ////

If I hugged you,
would you never let go?

If I kissed you,
would you cherish that moment?

If I reached for your hand,
would you gently take mine?

If I needed a shoulder,
would you let me cry on yours?

If I needed to talk,
would you really listen???

If I needed to scream,
would you do it with me?

If I needed to go,
would you come with me...


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