Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 5: 90s TV Style Influences

Whether, you want to face the facts or not, your personal style has been influenced by some aspect of your life.  As much as I don't want to say it, we are all, in some shape or form, (the dreaded 4th grade word) a Copy Cat of someone else!  LOL!  My apologies, but it's true!  With that being said, this is my open confession of some of the infamous 90s TV characters that have influenced my personal style!



Must I even explain! She's obviously my fave, she got the number one spot, but okay fine! Denise was always edgy, and knew how to stand out! However, like many us may take hours to put outfits together, Denise just didn't seem to put too much effort into what she wore... she was just her! Without letting what anybody else's opinions of her style affect her.


During the time when cross dressing was in, (I'm sure she may have wore some baggy jeans once or twice) Laura was always very girly to me and that is why she's on my list! When you just can't get your personality to come out through your outfit, being a girly-girl never fails! It always makes me feel better!


Now, you may say, why Gina??  Gi-Gi-Gina is on my list because she taught me how to be versatile.  We all know Gina was a business woman, which requires business suits.  But a suit wasn't always needed when it was time to chill with her honey, Martin or kick it her bestie, Pam.  Gina could rock sweats, jeans, dresses and the suits and still look cute!


Anybody that can wear a leopard print dress all day to a bunch of boring, high school classes is okay in my eyes!  I hearts leopard in case you didn't know.  But Lisa to me was always very chic to me.  Matching outfits and accessories, that called out for some "I'm cute and I know it" attention!  Plus, with a last name like Turtle you have take the attention away from that! 

The ULTIMATE prissy, uppity, stuck up (but down to earth) girl!!  Whitley taught us that you can ALWAYS dress up!  Here is the lesson (take notes):  There does not have to be any type of special occasion for one to get dolled up!  However, if, in fact you need one, let the occasion be that you woke up to see the day!  That ought to be good enough!   

So, my CS Lovies, let us know who your 90's TV style influences are and why by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Regine (Kim Fields) from "Living Single"'s wardrobe always brought me joy! She was a curvy lady with sooo much taste! Plus her vast array of wigs kept me locked! LOL

  2. Oohh, yeah, forgot about Regine! I liked Kadijha (sp)... she was kind in the Gina category to me.