Sunday, October 31, 2010

Randomness at Best Vol. 1

1. I have a crooked nose.

2. I played the trumpet in high school.

3. I secretly want to be a rapper like Lil Wayne and Drake.

4. I drink coffee and water everyday!

5. I love combing my hair. It's so soft.

6. I'm scared of getting in car accidents.

7. I didn't drive until I was 18.

8. I screen my calls and I hate listening to voicemails.

9. I go to sleep in the complete dark.

10. I wash my hair about 3 times a week.

11. My favorite colors are pink, green and black.

12. I have 8 tattoos.. and counting.

13. I think my son is the cutest little boy in the world!

14. I use to be a security guard.

15. I bite my nails.

16. I'm obsessed with Solange, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West .

17. I download mixtapes; like once a week.

18. I used to like cats, until I became a mother.

19. I love playing on photoshop (hence, the picture above).

20. I'm indecisive, but when my mind's made up, it's made up.

21. I wear make-up everyday.

22. I'm still very afraid of Freddie.

23. I love napping.

24. I'll try any diet once.

25. I'm scared of bugs, birds, and squirrels.

26. I have a problem with pastries.. could be considered a small addiction.

27. I talk to my parents and sisters everyday.

28. I'm not computer savvy.

29. I have random thoughts (thus, this post). I never stop thinking about random isht.

30. I just recently grew up.. really quick.. about 2 weeks ago.

31. I wonder if God laughs at some of the stupid stuff I've done and will do.

32. I love the History, Discovery, Animal, and the Learning Channels.

33. My true besties are my sisters, Liv, my boyfriend from high school and my son!

34. I really love Raheem DeVaughn and I have an open crush on him.

35. I love Everybody Hates Chris!

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