Sunday, September 19, 2010


Another great article from Yahoo! Finance: 7 Ways to Gain Power at Work.

Initially, I thought to myself, I can't use these because I'm in the AF. With the rank structure, these steps surely won't work.. but, as I read through, I realized just how real they were!

"People love power. Not because people are evil, but because power means survival. Every human relationship involves power in some way, and we are all hardwired to gravitate to, and want, power. Even you."

This quote stood out to me because I think it's so true. Whether we know it or not, people want some sort of power over the different situations that occur in our lives, even when we're not in the "controlling" position. Do you understand what I'm getting at?

Here's my example: Right now, I'm in a postion at work that I really do not particularly like. Before I came to my base, someone of a much higher pay grade above me randomly chose my name to fill this position. Of course, its only natural for one to throw BF's over it, so I did, over and over again. Just recently, I came to the realization that I'm stuck in the job, so I need and have to get over it. However, being the optimistic person I am, I'm going with the "must be meant for me" option. Decided to take my job one day at a time without complaining. (this to me, is my way of having power over the situation). In doing that, I've realized just how much free time I have on my hands; being able to focus on other things while still at work. Also, because I work directly for a higher ranking person, this position will be great for my career progression, especially if I use some of the tools that are applicable to me and my job.

The 7 Ways to Gain Power are:

1. Power based on who you know.
2. Power based on what you know.
3. Power based on love.
4. Power based on admiration.
5. Power based on fear.
6. Power based on wealth.
7. Power based on position.

HERE to read the complete article.

And just because the song fits the topic so well, I thought I'd throw a lil KanYeezy in there for you! I love Kanye and Dwele! These two together could take over the world!

"No one man should have all that POWER!" ~Kanye

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