Monday, September 13, 2010

Money Matters // Tips on Saving

"Money doesn't grow on trees!" Don't you just hate that quote?!

The dreaded memory of my mom whipping out her coupon book, while standing in the line at Food Lion for an extra 10 minutes because she wanted to save money came to my mind when I read this article. LOL! How dare she embarrass me! However, now that I'm a wife and mother, I can dig it!

I found this article on the Yahoo! Finance page. It offers great money saving tips! You will find coupon websites, tips to save on flexible bills (ie, being green), and advice on saving on your mortgages, as well as, auto buying.

Lord knows we can all save a dollar or two! Just click HERE for tips on how to Stretch Your Pay Check!

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  1. Thanks for this post. Lord knows that we all need to same a little more money.

  2. Girl, who are you telling! No prob!