Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Thought: My College Advisor

Today, while finishing up a session of NOT enrolling back into school, something in my spirit nudged me to ask my college advisor (I just cannot remember her name) what church she attended.

Sidebar: Let me tell you, this lady is so sweet! Whenever I see her, she always refers to me as beautiful or gorgeous or some other name to bring my spirits up. Not only does she talk to me that way, but she talks to everyone that comes in her office the same exact way! This is what may have led me to question.

Back to the story: So, I asked and she states, "well, I go to *insert church name her because I can't remember she said* every now and then, but not that often." And I said to her, "wow.. you seem like you are really into church because you're so positive and uplifting!" She says to me, here's your quote, "well, honey I just let the God in Me shine through"

That to me made me think alot! You don't have to be in church 24/7, because we all have God in us! So let's allow our lights to shine! Amen? Amen!

With that being said.. one of my favorite songs, Mary Mary and KiKi, God In Me:

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