Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out & About // Quest for Vintage Finds

Today, I went out to do some Vintage/Thrift shopping! I know, I know... you may not be into the world of "hand me downs" but, just in case you're thinking of trying your hand at an occasional vintage/thrift shopping trip, I found you some simple do's and dont's of shopping. I found some pretty cool things too.. pics will be up soon(er or later)!

Yes, of course, I ran across these tips on my favorite site,
O.M.O. Writes
! I told you I love her site, fellow "Blogger-I-Love," Samantha Smikle has some excellent advise for you newbies to thrift!

1. Pack light and appropriately. Don't bring a big, hunky bag with you. Instead, opt for an across the shoulder bag that allows you to sift through racks among racks effortlessly.
2. Pass up the costumey pieces. You'll never wear them!
3. Stick to colors and patterns that you like. If you find a cool shirt in that vintage burgundy-from- Three's-Company color, your look may come off too vintage for your virgin vintage taste.
4. Focus on what your style is and use vintage as the source for better constructed, one-of-a-kind version!

And, here are a few of my tips, I'd like to add when shopping:

1. Dress comfortably. That's a given.
2. Go alone. You won't have to to worry about being rushed or the kids whining.
3. Make sure you have nothing but time!! There are alot of items and you'll want to examine your clothing before you purchase.
4. Try on clothes. You don't want to buy something to small because then you'll just be throwing away money. You can always shower and wash clothes when you get home (I do)!

Have fun and enjoy!!

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