Monday, August 9, 2010

CS Discussion: When Does Responsibility End?

With all the hoopla around this Montana Fishburne going on, I wanted to take a min to see what the CS family thinks about it. Just from the reporting, it seems as if this is HER conscious choice and she's pretty pleased with what she's doing. Also, there is speculation that her father, actor Lawrence Fishburne, (Morpheus!!!) has not been in contact with her for a while due to him not supporting her lazy lifestyle anymore. He's also been catching a lot of flack for what people say is a direct result of bad parenting. Either way, I know its got to be hard for Lawrence Fishburne to see his daughter go from this:

To "international" porn star:

But my question to you all is this: When does responsibility for the parents end and the child take accountability for their actions?  Do you blame the father & mother for not giving her enough hugs and stories at night, or is she considered an adult and on her own with this choice?? (Or would you re-enact your best Ike Turner impression and beat her like a rented mule???)
Let us know what you think CS!


  1. BWHAHAHA!!!!! Azz whoopins solve a lot of problems sometimes.