Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Ready for some FOOSEBALL!?!?!?

Guess who is pleased as punch NFL is about to start back up?? *points both thumbs to myself* This girl right here!!! I am a REAL Saints fan, thank you very much, so I'm ready to see how my boys do this year after wining their first Super Bowl. I'm still excited about it like it just happened! Do I think they will be victorious again? Ehh, not so much (will be discussed in a later post, trust me). But IMO, as long as they keep Reggie PUNK AZZ Bush, that's gonna take away from the overall offensive strength. Let me not even get started on that overpaid, under performing negro that's more mascot than a member. *takes deep breath*

Anywho, what teams are you all checking for this season? Are ya catching up with the pre-season games? What are your early picks as to who will hit Super Bowl 45 in the Cowboys Stadium?

Yes, that would be my 3rd husband #42 Darren Sharper's jersey! Oh, and my child Simone. LOL!

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