Friday, August 6, 2010

CS Discussion: Right, Wrong or Who Cares?

When the news first broke about Swiss Beats and Alicia Keys' relationship, I didn't know how to feel about it. One reason was because rumors were circulating that he was still married to his wife, and number two, I honestly thought that Alicia was an undercover BQ...(Butch Queen). My disagreement wasn't the fact that they were together, but at times I felt that b/c it was Alicia this situation was taken lightly at times as if no one had any other responsibilities that were left unresolved.

My question is, what kind of message is she sending to all of her fans, do they look at her differently now? Is it right to think that she is a home wrecker, or should we still look at her as the same sweet Alicia Keys, and just say that they fell in love in unforeseen circumstances that could not have been stopped or handled in a different way? What message is this sending to married couples? Before these two, people were already stepping out and leaving their significant others for someone they thought was their soul mate, but now that Swiss Beats and Alicia's relationship is all over the place will this now become more of a trend then what is was before, and will people just look the other way?

What will this do to the sanctity of marriage, will people just look at it as another type of heartache that they won't want to go through? CS fam, tell me what you think? Don't hold back, as a married woman this is just something that was on my mind, I'm not judging them, I honestly wish them nothing but the best and pray that all that they have gone through has been worth it.


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  1. I think homewreckers are having the best week ever. LOL! Yes, while they can only do what they are ALLOWED to do by the person that is still bound in a marriage, still, where did the morals of respecting a union by God come into play?? Maybe it would be different if both parties of the failing marriage had both agreed to move on, but according to Mashonda per her Vibe interview, she thought that her and her now ex-husband were working it out, but then found out he was starting to see Alicia. As for Mr. Keys, I think in the eyes of her fans that perhaps she may have slipped down a few notches for being involved with that Toucan Sam guy while he was still married. Not a good look for her.